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luo gallery

Selected photos from the ethnographic study among the Luo people of Western Kenya.

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Domtila Gombe

Mary Opany

Mary Opany & Children

Ingrid Herbich at Market Restaurant

Sapari playing potter

Sapari & Friends with Doll Houses

Luo school girls sing for visiting government official

Rhoda Onyango & Ingrid Herbich with potters

Elijah Oduor Ogutu

Rhoda Onyango & Ingrid Herbich measuring a pot

Ingrid Herbich at Oyugis Market

Somali Chai Shop-Siaya

Pauakuche Market

Michael Dietler and Ohinga Wall-S. Nyanza

Luo Fishing Nets & Boats

South Nyanza Landscape

Air view-Luo area

Air view-Luo area

Luo Warriors-Early 20th century

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