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Michael Dietler teaches the following courses on a regular basis (GS = graduate seminar):


Alcohol: Social Problem or Normal Cultural Practice?

Ancient Celtic Societies

Archaeological Theory and Method (GS)

Archaeology and the Politics of the Past (GS)

The Archaeology of Colonialism (GS)

Authenticity (GS)

Celts: Ancient, Modern, Postmodern

Ceramic Analysis (GS)

Chicago Blues

Colonial Landscapes (GS)

Economic Anthropology and Archaeology (GS)

Ethnoarchaeology and Material Culture (GS)

Heritage, Memory, and the Affective Turn:

   Performing and Consuming the Past

The Luo of Kenya

Material Culture and Consumption (GS)

Somatic Material Culture (GS)


Other courses offered less frequently or in



African Civilization I

European Civilization III (20th century)

Memory, Ideology, and Identity (GS)

Migration and Diaspora (GS)

Pierre Bourdieu and Practice Theory (GS)

Western Mediterranean Civilization I (Antiquity)


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