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The Emporion in the Ancient Western Mediterranean: Trade and Colonial Encounters from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period (edited with Eric Gailledrat & Rosa Plana-Mallart) (2018). Montpellier: Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée (Collection Monde Ancien).

This edited volume, published by the Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée, re-examines collectively the concept of the ancient emporion in the light of several decades of vigorous empirical research and theoretical debate, especially in the western Mediterranean, where programs of archaeological research on this theme have been paricularly active in France, Italy, and Spain. The question is set within an international and interdisciplinary framework and the spatial and temporal range of cases explored in the comparative theoretical discussion is intentionally extensive, including ports of trade in colonial West Africa and other kinds of trade enclaves and diasporas in a variety of contexts.



Éric Gailledrat, Michael Dietler & Rosa Plana-Mallart

     The Emporion in Context

1 The Emporion and the Ancient Mediterranean  

Pierre Rouillard

     The Emporion: Some Uses of the Term

Michel Gras

     Emporion and Archaic Polis, a Complex Dialectic

Alain Bresson

     Flexible Interfaces of the Ancient Mediterranean World

Julien Zurbach

     The Emporion and the Earth, or: Hesiod Between Land and sea  

2 From the Strait of Gibraltar to the Gulf of Lion

Alfredo Mederos Martín

     Phoenician Emporia in the Atlantic Coast of Africa

Fernando González de Canales

     The city-Emporion of Huelva (10th–9th Centuries BC)

José Luis López Castro

     MQM.Phoenician Emporia in the South of the Iberian Peninsula (9th to 7th Centuries BC)

Jaime Vives-Ferrándiz Sánchez

     Trading Settlements in Eastern Iberia During the Iron Age: Between Redistributive Engagement and Political Authority

Rosa Plana-Mallart

     Emporion and the North-Eastern Coast of the Iberian Peninsula

Éric Gailledrat

     Sailors and Landsmen in the Emporia of Southern Gaul

3 Italy and its Margins

Cecilia D’Ercole

     The Emporion in the Adriatic.Trade, Trafficking, Cultural Constructions (6th–2nd Century BC)

Giulio Ciampoltrini

     Fonteblanda/Portus Telamonis.A “Trading Post” for Wine and Metals on the Central-Northern Tyrrhenian Coast in the 6th Century BC  

Giovanna Bagnaso Gianni & Lucio Fiorini

     Between Tarquinia and Gravisca

Ariana Esposito

     Rethinking Pithekoussai.Current Perspectives and Issues

Francesca Spatafora

     Phoenicians, Greeks and “Indigenous peoples” in the Emporia of Sicily

Marco Rendeli

     Sant’Imbenia and the Topic of the Emporia in Sardinia

4 Comparative Perspectives on the Emporion

Mario Denti

     Aegean Migrations and the Indigenous Iron Age Communities on the Ionian Coast of Southern Italy: Sharing and     Interaction Phenomena

Peter Van Dommelen

     Trading Places? Sites of Mobility and Migration in the Iron Age West Mediterranean

Michael Dietler

     Emporia: Spaces of Encounter and Entanglement

Denise Demetriou

     Interpreting Cultural Contact: How Greek Inscriptions From Emporion Challenge Roman Texts and Hellenization

Gérard Chouin & Christopher R. DeCorse

     Atlantic Intersections: African-European Emporia in Early Modern West Africa

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