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Alcohol, Food, and Feasting: Embodied Material Culture


Research on the ancient wine trade in the Mediterranean, ethnographic work in Africa, and the experience of working in the wine industry while a graduate student in Berkeley all pushed me toward a growing realization of the cultural and social significance of alcohol and food. This early interest led to a more systematic comparative historical and ethnographic exploration of the role of what I have called "embodied material culture" (that is, material substances made to be destroyed by ingestion into the human body: see Dietler 2005) and feasting and "commensal politics" (see Dietler 1996) in social life. This research has led in a variety of directions, including most recently to a course developed with William Green, a neurobiologist at the University of Chicago, exploring the often conflicting perspectives of the social and biological sciences on the issue of drinking alcohol. As a result of this collaboration, we are also working together on a book on this theme.

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